OPEN UP! 2016

From ’we’ and ’they’ to ’us’!

November 10-11, 2016
Conventum Örebro

Come and meet leaders from the community, business world, non-profit organizations, and dedicated volunteers who make inclusion happen.

About Open Up!

Open Up! is an initiative of volunteers, businesses, organizations and the public sector in Örebro. We want to be a force for greater inclusion in Sweden.

Today, we meet in the non-profit association Open Up! which drives inclusion issues both in theory and practice, in Örebro and across the country. We are financed both by public funds and private contributions.

In our brainstorming in November, you can participate as a guest, exhibitor or partner. You can also buy larger ticket packages or tickets for students or volunteer groups at lower prices. More information about that can be found under the heading “tickets”.

We welcome all of Sweden to our our meeting!

The Open Up! idéa forum of 2016

We want to provide the conversation about immigration with a new and creative direction. It is time to talk more about possibilities and solutions than problems and obstacles.

In this conversation everyone needs to come together – from political organizations and businesses to non-profit associations and churches. Because inclusion does not happen by itself, it occurs when more of us take a step forward and open a door.

This year’s theme is ”From ’we’ and ’they’ to ’us’.” You will meet leaders, businesses, organizations and volunteers who can make inclusion happen. Also, together we will come up with new ideas and initiatives.

Välkommen! ترحيب! Hoşgeldiniz! خوشآمد! Welcome!



This year Open Up! explores four different themes, all of which are interrelated:
(Gärna illustrerande bilder till varje tema)

From ’we’ and ’they’ to ’us’! – how to create unity in diversity;

Working life without borders – including more people from the start;

Associations without borders – building bridges between people;

Dreams without borders – for all youth regardless of their neighborhood.


At Open Up! we want to bring together people from different worlds, experiences, ages and interests – everyone is welcome and important. Our brainstorming sessions are like society at large – it is only when we dare to face different thoughts and ideas, that new and unique solutions are created.


We will repeat last year’s successful, Open Up! Bazaar. After a day of creative conversations, it is time to erase the boundaries between us. We open the doors to Open Up!’s Bazaar where you will get the chance to meet artists, cultural profiles, and enjoy a global buffet. However the best of all is meeting new faces. Take the unique opportunity to broaden your network and create new partnerships.

Välkommen! ترحيب! Hoşgeldiniz! خوشآمد! Welcome!



Book your ticket to Open Up! already today. You can purchase individual tickets, ticket packages and exhibition stands. In addition, there are special tickets for those who belong to an association or a nonprofit organization. First come first served and the maximum number is set to 300 participants.

The final program with all the speakers and times will be available in August, 2016.

For more information contact:

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